Is your Booster Club or Organization looking to raise money? We are offering a great way for BVSW groups to earn $$ by working concessions! We are providing this as an opportunity to BVSW Booster Clubs & Organizations to earn guaranteed $$ in lieu of applying for PTO Grants. Clubs will be signing up for the game/shifts as a group and then it is up to each club to fill the required number of spots with volunteers. 


Each Club will need at least one representative to attend one of the trainings in order to signup for Fall Concessions. Booster Club Presidents' Council Meetings/Concessions Trainings were held on August 23 and 24 and the signup for Fall went LIVE on August 25. As of August 29, all open spots on the Concessions SignUps are available to any club. New spots added may have restrictions for the first day they are added ONLY, but those would be noted on the SignUp.


If your club would like to participate this Fall and did not attend a Concessions Training, please text Heidi Christmann (773.750.9026). Makeup trainings can be done at other home games this fall -- on the job training! 


Concessions Training Slides (Aug 23 & 24)


**Additional Booster Club Presidents' Council Meeting and Concessions Training dates will be set prior to the Winter season. Dates will be posted on this page and communicated via the BVSW newsletter and Booster Club Presidents' Council by Monday, November 7, 2023.**